Moment diary app is a way of being a witness to one's own life, something that is harder than you might suppose

Moment app is a way of 'trying to see what you are doing, to hear what you are saying'.
A diary makes links. First diarist is one's mother who links facts for one, holds the pieces together.
Diary is like the Greek legend about the king who whispered his secrets to the grass.
In a diary, you can alleviate a pressure to say the unsayable.
It may be something you haven't even said to yourself, revealed through writing.
  • A simple distraction free interface
  • Unlimited journal entries
  • Quick diary entry
  • Custom reminders encourage capture
  • Timeline, calendar & photo views
  • Search entries
  • Passcode and TouchID Protection
  • Local & iCloud Backup & Restore
  • Search & filtering
  • Stickers
  • Write notes and add photos

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